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Universal Speed Group provides unmatched product development, design, sourcing,
assembly, and solutions for the bicycle, skate, and action sports industries.

About USG

Universal Speed Group (USG) is a manufacturing collective of value added service companies serving the bicycle and skate markets. Avalon serves as USG’s main office and its offerings extend far beyond a traditional trading agency. Arcadia is USG’s industrial arm complete with a state of the art facility that provides custom assembly, machining, fulfillment, storage, and more.

From advanced bicycle assembly to CNC machining; custom packaging to component sourcing, storage to fulfillment, production to port, the Universal Speed Group delivers customized solutions for your needs.

Quality Control

Major benefits to the USG cooperation include conducting parts inspections and assuring the finished goods are composed of the correct components with fit/finish and function all under our control. Arcadia takes QC a step further with in house 3-axis and 4-axis CNC machine centers as well as the horizontal lathes. These resources further expand Arcadia’s ability to bring sub-contracting needs into our facilities core. Together, these state of the art machines and our computer controlled laser-marking instrument, we can maintain a variety of industrial functions on site to cut down on mistakes and eliminate transportation delays from outside subcontractors. Arcadia also labels, packages, and packs for shipping under one roof. With fulfillment and inventory management, we can go well beyond that of any competing agent that calls themselves a "trading company".


Located in Taichung City, Avalon serves as the company headquarters for USG. Avalon’s capabilities extend beyond a traditional trading agency. We run a solution-oriented office that puts ideas into action. Taichung is the third largest city in Taiwan and is arguably the industrial center of the island. Avalon is in close proximity to a highly educated work-force. It’s development abilities are expanded by the association between our multilingual sales account staff and the technical skills of our American-born co-founder.

Bicycle Assembly

Arcadia operates as one of the most fundamentally efficient assembly factories in Asia. The company utilizes advance robotic wheelbuilding lines while also placing a high value on human adjustment and attention to detail. The goal of course is to be building the highest quality bicycles but in the most efficient way possible. Cost control, quality control & on-time delivery make up the principles of a well-run operation so we approach all aspect of our company culture with those points in mind. Arcadia Produces a variety of bicycle projects with wheel sizes from 12" to 29" as well as Wheelsets (handmade) and CKD kits.


Arcadia is USG’s state of the art assembly facility and works with dependently or independently of the Avalon office. Arcadia assembles high quality products with strict focus on quality control. The operation is also a ready-made storage warehouse providing secondary services such as pick, pack, and ship fulfillment. Arcadia currently imports and exports to and from the facility creating an operation that goes well beyond that of simple assembly.


  • Product development
  • Product design
  • Product sourcing
  • Bicycle assembly
  • Bicycle wheel building
  • 3-axis & 4-axis machining
  • Product packaging
  • Quality control
  • Fulfillment